Following last week’s post, the overwhelming interest forced us to finalise the concept.

Imagine a world where investing in farming is as easy as finding a ride or booking accommodation. FarmShare™ makes this vision a reality and is poised to become the Uber and Airbnb of sheep farming. By combining professional farm managers and enthusiastic virtual farmers, FarmShare™ creates a dynamic, interactive sheep farming ecosystem.

The Concept

FarmShare™ bridges the gap between traditional farming and modern technology. It enables city dwellers, hobby farmers and anyone interested in farming to virtually own and manage sheep. This platform combines the convenience of digital management with the expertise of experienced farm managers to ensure optimal care and productivity.

Empowering Virtual Farmers

Virtual farmers experience the excitement of farm ownership without the logistical and management challenges. Through the IntelliFarm™ app, they can monitor the health, growth and productivity of their animals in real-time. The app provides detailed data and health updates, fostering a deeper connection between virtual farmers and their animals and turning sheep farming into a collaborative enterprise.

In addition to the digital experience, FarmShare™ offers regular farm visit events, facilitated by LANDRANI®️ FarmStay. Initially, our accommodation in Oudtshoorn will be used to enable interaction between virtual farmers and their sheep, with future expansions that may include farms with guesthouses across South Africa.

Virtual farmers can consume the meat of their lambs themselves using the LANDRANI®️ Lamb app, as well as sell their production to friends and referrals.

They are further empowered to also sell their production on the LANDRANI®️ Meatmasters live animal marketing platform, also via the app. It offers virtual farmers market access and the opportunity to make their farms sustainable.

The Role of Farm Managers

Professional farm managers are the heart of FarmShare™. These experts bring years of knowledge and experience, and oversee the day-to-day operations. They ensure that the animals are well-fed, healthy and managed according to best practices. Farm managers also provide important insights and data to virtual farmers, improving the transparency of the experience.

The Uber and Airbnb of Sheep Farming

FarmShare™ disrupts the traditional farming model by introducing a shared economy approach. As Uber and Airbnb unlocked transportation and lodging, FarmShare™ unlocks farming. This enables people from all walks of life to invest in and benefit from farming, creating a new wave of agripreneurs.

  1. Accessibility: Just as Uber made vehicle rides accessible and Airbnb opened up homes to travelers, FarmShare™ makes farming accessible to anyone with a smartphone and an interest in agriculture.
  2. Flexibility: Virtual farmers can choose their level of involvement, from daily monitoring to occasional involvement. This flexibility makes it easy for busy individuals to participate.
  3. Transparency: The IntelliFarm™ app ensures that every aspect of animal care is visible and traceable, similar to how Uber tracks rides and Airbnb monitors accommodations.
  4. Community: FarmShare™ builds a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about sustainable farming. Virtual farmers can later share their experiences, learn from each other and even collaborate on projects.

The Main Purpose of FarmShare™

The main purpose of the FarmShare™ platform is not to enable virtual farmers to make money, as there are no substantial margins here. It is about a lifestyle of sustainable living and the real adventure of farming. The three apps – IntelliFarm™, LANDRANI® LAMB, and LANDRANI® Meatmasters – form the backbone of the virtual farming event and make it possible for anyone to participate in the farming experience.

A United Front for Sheep Farming

In the future, the FarmShare™ concept may also support farmers who are struggling financially due to climate change and low economic growth. Forming a united front between lamb consumers and lamb producers makes absolute economic sense and contributes to enriching the lives of both farmers and virtual farmers.

The Future

FarmShare™ is not just a platform; it is a move towards a more inclusive, transparent and efficient sheep industry. By combining the strengths of professional farm managers with the enthusiasm of virtual farmers, FarmShare™ is cultivating a new generation of informed, engaged and empowered agripreneurs.

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