A New Dynamics with IntelliFarm™ Smart Scale and Sorter

In the tranquil landscapes of our farm, located in the heart of the Klein Karoo, we have embarked on a revolutionary journey, one that combines tradition with technology, to reshape the future of stud management. The introduction of the IntelliFarm™ Smart Scale and Sorter system has not only redefined the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations, but has also set a new standard in precision agriculture, particularly in the areas of lamb and sheep farming.

The Catalyst of Change: IntelliFarm™ Smart Scale and Sorter

As a result of the development of the IntelliFarm™ Smart Scale and Sorter system, a new era of automated precision has dawned, a development that was previously impossible in the sheep farming industry. This system uses cloud-based sorting rules and automates complex livestock management processes in real time. Animals are carefully categorised based on weight, health conditions and breeding preferences, continuously evaluating their progress and only intervening when necessary.

A Testimony to Growth: Breeding Success

The culmination of the utilisation of this technological system was the remarkable expansion of our own stud. It is important to mention that without the IntelliFarm™ Smart Scale and Sorter system, the breeding success that has grown our herd to 2,400 ewes in less than four years would have been unattainable. This growth is not just a number, but a testament to the effectiveness and impact of integrating “smart” technology with traditional farming practices.

Pillars of Success: From Feedlot Lambs to Stud Ram Lambs

Feedlot lambs: Targeted management ensures optimal growth, and effectively prepares lambs for LANDRANI® LAMB based on precise weight management.

Stud Ewe Lambs: These ewe lambs, the future of our flock, are selected and cared for with unparalleled precision, ensuring they develop into exceptional breeding stock. At around 4 months of age, studs’ ration is changed to a formulated roughage VoerBlok™ ration to prepare their rumens for the move to the Karoo 30 days later.

Commercial Ewe Lambs: This system distinguishes potential from the ordinary, and optimises growth and health to effectively meet market demand.

Stud Ram Lambs: To ensure the continuation of superior genetic lines, the system identifies and separates these animals, and provides them with the utmost care. At around 3 months of age, rams’ ration is changed to a formulated roughage VoerBlok™ ration to prepare their rumens for the move to the Karoo 30 days later.

More Than Just Sorting: A Comprehensive Approach to Management

The IntelliFarm™ system goes beyond mere sorting – it is a holistic approach to animal welfare and farm management. By integrating treatment protocols and health tests into the sorting process, the system ensures that animals not only reach their destination, but do so in optimal health. For example, lambs showing signs of low average daily gain (ADG) are automatically sorted for health interventions, receiving treatments such as Teramycin LA and Prodose Orange, before rejoining their assigned groups.

Combining Phenotype and Datatype Selection: The Key to Comprehensive Breeding Management

The combination of phenotype and data type selection forms a powerful strategy in the management and improvement of our herd. All animals are visually evaluated at least once a year, where their physical characteristics are carefully examined to ensure they meet required standards and breeding goals. This visual evaluation, or phenotype selection, allows us to identify animals that show the desired external characteristics, such as physique, and general appearance. Parallel to this, we use data type selection, where continuous collection and analysis of data such as growth rates, fertility rates, and health status enables us to determine the genetic potential of each animal. By combining these two approaches, we ensure a more accurate and comprehensive selection process, resulting in a herd that is not only visually attractive, but also genetically optimal for production and health.

Future Empowerment: The IntelliFarm™ Legacy

The IntelliFarm™ system illustrates how technology can transform the agricultural landscape. By sharing our journey, we aim to inspire and encourage fellow farmers to embrace innovation. This journey is not just about automating processes, but about empowering farmers, ensuring sustainability, and promoting a future where precision farming becomes the norm.

Finally, the IntelliFarm™ Smart Scale and Sorter system has been instrumental in our unprecedented growth and operational efficiency. It stands as a beacon of innovation, leading us to a future where technology and tradition merge to create sustainable, efficient and prosperous agricultural practices.

Find here a link to our detailed sorting rules that we use in our farming

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