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A Lineage of Distinction

Introducing FAT JUDGE: A Meatmaster of Royal Descent

Discover FAT JUDGE, our esteemed Meatmaster ram acquired from Clynton Collett of Superior Genetics. He stands as a symbol of extraordinary lineage, tracing back to some of the most iconic rams in Meatmaster history.

A Pedigree of Renown

FAT JUDGE’s heritage is remarkable, with his father, Fat Magic, renowned for maintaining condition in the harshest environments. His lineage is further distinguished by grandfathers Magic and Judge, and great grandfather, the legendary Buccaneer. This rich heritage makes FAT JUDGE a figure of Meatmaster royalty.

The Twin Legacy

FAT JUDGE shares his prestigious lineage with his twin brother, Zondo, both embodying their family’s remarkable traits.

Superior Genetics for Elite Breeding

By offering FAT JUDGE’s semen, we provide an opportunity to incorporate this exceptional and resilient genetic line into your flock.

FAT JUDGE’s story

FAT JUDGE’s story is more than just a lineage; it’s a chance to integrate a legacy of strength, resilience, and adaptability into your breeding program.

Transform Your Herd with Elite Genetics

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