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A Legacy in the Making

Introducing CHIEF: The Benchmark of Meatmaster Excellence

Meet CHIEF, our esteemed Meatmaster ram, acquired from Clynton Collett of Superior Genetics in March 2022. Known for his impressive physique and outstanding coat covering, CHIEF exemplifies the breed’s resilience and quality.

Unrivalled Pedigree

Holding the prestigious SP status at SA Studbook, CHIEF’s genetics are unmatched. His lineage is sought after at top auctions, a testament to his superior breeding.

Beyond Strength: CHIEF’s Coat

CHIEF’s remarkable coat covering is not only a notable trait but also one he consistently passes on, significantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal and market value of his offspring.

Elevate Your Herd

With CHIEF’s semen, introduce his exceptional coat and robust genetics into your flock.

Join CHIEF’s Legacy

CHIEF’s story is more than an introduction; it’s an opportunity to elevate your breeding programme with a proven leader in Meatmaster genetics.

CHIEF: The Future of Meatmaster Breeding

In CHIEF, the essence of the Meatmaster breed comes alive – exceptional coat, resilience, and superior genetics. Embrace this opportunity with CHIEF.

Transform Your Herd with Elite Genetics

Discover the exceptional difference CHIEF can make in your breeding program. With his remarkable physique, superior coat quality, and proven resilience, CHIEF represents the pinnacle of Meatmaster excellence. Elevate your herd’s genetic potential and achieve outstanding results. Contact Hendriëtte at Ramsem on: TEL: 051 412 6327 | MOBILE: 082 900 3903 | EMAIL: