Our Offering

At LANDRANI® Meatmasters we offer the following:


Partner with us and invite us to be a guest seller at your next Meatmaster auction. By featuring some of our top genetics at your event, we’ll enhance the attraction of your auction lineup. Our robust social media marketing presence is geared to pull in additional buyers, further spotlighting your auction. Embrace this opportunity to merge our reputation for quality with your established sales, enriching the experience for all attendees.


Stud Rams and Ewes

Contact us for our range of registered stud rams and ewes. Each one has its own unique qualities and can help make your flock even stronger.


Ram Semen

Let us help you improve your flock. Use our premium stud rams’ semen and take advantage of our experience to boost your flock’s variety and productivity.


Landrani® Lamb

From time to time, we have Meatmaster lambs for sale. Just like our stud animals, they’re raised with great care and attention, promising excellent meat quality.