Landrani March Calendar


LANDRANI® Meatmaster

We will kick off with open weekends from March 2024. The “renovation” of LANDRANI® LODGE will be completed at the end of February. The plan is to make the weekends available for the farmers. We will continuously adjust the themes.

8 - 10 March

LANDRANI® Open Weekend

Smart Feeder

This is a unique opportunity to see our Meatmaster stud as well as advanced farming and production techniques up close.

15 – 17 March

IntelliFarm™️ Sheep Management

Intellifarm Sheep Management Software
Come check out the IntelliFarm™️ mobile Apple and Android “cloud” software that enables us to manage our herd and an unlimited amount of sheep with precision.

Why attend?

  1. The weekend packages are focused on exchanging ideas and making available tools and systems to eliminate the typical problems experienced by sheep farmers. The theme is continuously “Measure and Know”, from the herd to the finances.
  2. Management is our strength. We already manage 55,000 residential housing units including the people, dogs, cats, wild parties and all the problems that go with it.
  3. Accounting software is our other strength. In addition to the more than 570 homeowner schemes running on our software, we also serve more than 900 retail stores with our EasyAcc Accounting package. Today, these stores are empowered to continuously know exactly what is going on in their finances. 24/7. Some with a turnover of as much as R3.5m per day.
  4. The group’s loyalty software currently serves more than 2 million South Africans. The software facilitates the earning of benefits and points much like Pick & Pay’s “SmartShopper” and Dischem’s “Benefit Programme”.
  5. We are the only players in South Africa who have taken the “bold” decision to start farming themselves and learn the hard way how to adapt our technology and software to help the South African sheep farmer. We first had to master the challenges ourselves before we could be of any help.
  6. LANDRANI® has been transformed not only into a demonstration centre but also into a technological “sheep theme park” to address all the components of sheep farming in one facility and where farmers can experience it themselves.

Here is your opportunity to capitalise on the fruits of our labour to take your farming to the next level.

  • Our weekends have a cost of R5000 per couple with accommodation and meals included (2 nights)
  • Accommodation is in our luxury units at LANDRANI®, Oudtshoorn.

Please Whatsapp me directly (0716000819) if you would be interested in any of these weekends. We can only accommodate 6 couples per weekend. You are also welcome to request more information.