For Producers, Feedlots and End Consumers

Current issues that MUST be resolved:

  1. Farmers cannot survive with current storage lamb prices
  2. Feedlots cannot survive with lambs that do not grow and/or die
  3. The cost of feed relative to current slaughter prices makes the profitable finishing of lambs impossible

We believe there is only one solution that can change the farmer’s situation:

Elevate your product from a standard commodity to a premium product, ready for feedlots, exports and the premium end consumer market.

If there is a high chance that your lamb product will end up in slaughterhouses as a “special”, there is little hope for improvement. With the decline of the middle class in South Africa, the demand for “commodity lamb” will decrease, which will put increasing pressure on farmers.

There are only 3 areas of hope:

  1. Become part of a production line of lambs that will boost a feedlot’s profitability
  2. Become part of a production line of lambs whose protocol is acceptable for export
  3. Become part of a production line of lambs whose protocol makes a drastic difference to the end consumer’s perception of taste, juiciness and tenderness.


If we do not believe in self determination and are not prepared to move down together we will lose the battle.

WeBuyLamb™ has the solution!

  • WeBuyLamb™ is willing to facilitate and coordinate this “team effort”.
  • We therefore make a 1% share available to 49 sheep farmers who realise that the ship’s direction must change.
  • Each share is free and only requires the farmer’s support of the group.

Why a share?

This gives you some say over the future. The 49 farmers who support the group participate in all decisions made by the group and also share in any export as well as end consumer profits. This is where the “self determination” comes in.

Other role players?

  1. Ramsem is the preferred genetics and reproduction services provider to help synchronise the entire group’s production via laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is optional but strongly recommended if homogenous export lambs are to be produced.
  2. LANDRANI® Investments is prepared to finance the laparoscopy costs which enable the farmer to pay the largest part of it only when he delivers his storage lamb. The cost of the financing will be carried by IntelliFarm™.
  3. IntelliFarm™ provides the software platform as well as the resources to coordinate the total lamb production of the group.
  4. Protea Lamb Co, a division of Protea Reserve Co, focuses exclusively on the export of premium lamb products. Through the credibility they gained with their successful Wagyu exports, they gained access to a reliable market for lamb exports.
  5. LANDRANI® LAMB is the end consumer market partner, and will share what it learns over the next year or two with WeBuyLamb™ to eventually deliver fewer lambs to feedlots and more directly to end consumers over time.

What’s in it for WeBuyLamb™?

For the total coordination service as well as the development of the respective markets, WeBuyLamb™ charges the feedlot, the exporter or the end consumer R60 per lamb. WeBuyLamb™ also replaces the agent which means there is no agent commission. The full R60 is remitted to IntelliFarm™ for providing the platform to facilitate and coordinate the entire process. Any other profits remain in the group.

Why WeBuyLamb™? Isn’t he just another agent?

Not at all. WeBuyLamb™, part of IntelliFarm™ and LANDRANI® group, is a technology company. We developed the WeBuyLamb™ mobile app and BoerBot™ Whatsapp robot for better communication between producers and suppliers. We farm ourselves, and use IntelliFarm™ technology to promote collaboration in the industry.

Do we want to put pressure on feedlots to negotiate better prices because of a “larger group of sellers”?

Absolutely not. We want feedlots to line up to buy the protocol lambs as these lambs will help them beat their bottom line.

Is there a minimum requirement for participation?

Yes. To participate, farmers must own at least 1500 Merino, Dohne Merino, Dormer, or SA Meat Merino ewes. At least 1000 ewes must be covered annually with selected Dormer seed. Participants must be prepared to market the offspring via WeBuyLamb™, unless they prefer to purchase themselves or market at a better price.

Will cooperation on the WeBuyLamb™ platform be a magic wand and change the farmer’s profitability overnight?

Not at all. WeBuyLamb™ believes we are the insurance policy that can guarantee that the South African sheep farmer’s children or grandchildren will still be able to farm with sheep. If we succeed as a group in all our goals, the future will look significantly better than it currently looks.