Bookings Close: Friday 19 January 2024.

This is a unique opportunity to see our advanced farming and production techniques up close.

This weekend we will showcase the following:

Discover our patented process for increasing protein and precision feeding of ewes.

Fairly early in my search for alternatives to extensive grasing, I came across a process called urease. Urease breaks down urea in low-quality feed such as wheat straw to ammonia, which increases the protein content. This process requires water to promote the urease reaction for effective urea conversion. Without enough water, it reduces protein synthesis effectiveness and can be harmful to animals. Water addition, between 30%-60%, is therefore essential.

This strategy resulted in the following challenges:

  1. How do we balance the ewes’ nutritional needs with their respective production phases?
  2. How do we control the risk of mold if 30-60% moisture is present in the feed?
  3. How do we feed the roughage “exactly” without having to weigh it all the time?

We have developed a unique, patented production and feeding process, known as “FeedBlock”, which solves these critical challenges. We will demonstrate it.

See how our Meatmaster lambs are born in purpose built structures and we raise them with our advanced RFID “measure and know” process.

Our ewes graze in the Karoo and move to LANDRANI® a week before lambing. They then stay in our LambFactory™️, a lamb camp system adapted to FeedBlock feeding. With high hygiene priority, we have a 2.4m high plastic floor for easy manure removal. Lambs stay here until they are 2 weeks old.

Come and see our FeedBlock as well as automatic “auger” systems for lactating ewes, growing out young ewes, as well as rounding off of ram lambs.

In young sheep, roam space is important for effective growth. Our Feed Blocks are ideal for mature animals, but for young lambs with an initial 1:1 feed conversion ratio, growth is possible for little money. To take advantage of this, they need to increase their intake to 5.2% of their weight and this is possible with a high-density ration such as pellets. We have developed special feeders to increase and measure intake.

Explore our diverse approaches to ewes that vary between extensive grazing in the Karoo and specialised high structures.

Our ProductionFactory approach is where we see the future of our stud when we don’t keep them all permanently on the Karoo pasture. However, we should always give our stud ewes an opportunity in the Karoo to preserve their genetics for field adaptation.

We emphasise the fact that we use an intensive component to breed high value field adaptable animals.

Learn about our processes for blending, packaging, and distributing slaughter lambs.

To take advantage of the value chain, we manage the processing and packaging process on LANDRANI®, without slaughtering ourselves. We are currently developing phase 2, focused on producing meat products to utilise culled ewes and obtain maximum value for both our lamb and retired ewes. Some of our Meatmaster studs we bought from Clynton Collett, born in 2015 and now pregnant at 9 years of age, had their first lambs at 12 months, highlighting the value of this breed. We aim for maximum return on their carcass after 9 years of service.

Gain insight into our effective 8/9 month scheduling and management program.

We’ll quickly show you how we keep all these strings together. Briefly, we run this business with the following software components:

  1. IntelliFarm™ Mobile App
  2. MegaHub Scheduling
  3. IntelliFarm™ Accounting Software
  4. IntelliFarm™ Payroll (“Payroll” and “Time & Attendance”)

All these software components have been developed in-house and we are ready to make them available to sheep farmers to “measure and know” with us.

  • The weekend has a cost of R5000 per couple including accommodation and meals (2 nights)
  • Accommodation is in our luxury units at LANDRANI®, Oudtshoorn.
  • Bookings Close: Friday 19 January 2024
  • We can only accommodate 6 couples per weekend.