Our innovative soft auction offers a unique, transparent way to acquire top quality breeding rams and ewes, with comprehensive information and visual online access to animals prior to purchase. Here follows an overview of the process, benefits and rules.

Soft Auction Process

  1. Field-adapted Animals: All animals presented have already been adapted to the Karoo.
  2. Show and Observation Period: Animals are displayed for three weeks at LANDRANI®️, Oudtshoorn, in a marketing pen with a live camera feed. Potential buyers can observe animals’ behaviour and condition in “real-time” and are welcome to visit LANDRANI®️ for a closer inspection. Animals only feed on our exclusive VoerBlok™️ roughage ration.
  3. Information Access: Online access to detailed animal and Pedigree data.
  4. Purchase Options: A buy/offer period follows sighting, with a “buy now” option or a one-time offer per lot.
  5. Offer Evaluation: If “buy now” is not selected, the offer period ends after five days. Highest bids then go to the next step.
  6. Final Offer Event: Second and third highest bidders are given 24 hours to make the final offer.
  7. Last Chance for Highest Bidder: If outbid, initial highest bidder gets 24 hours to raise their offer.
  8. Incremental Offers: Must follow R500 increment.
  9. Registration: Required for secure access and participation.

Benefits for Successful Buyers

  1. Transport Inclusion: Purchase price includes transport to any major destination in South Africa.
  2. Ram Evaluation and Selection Service: Send your SP rams to us for evaluation in Loxton. Successful rams may be marketed on our Online “Field Ram” Marketing Platform.
  3. Registration Assistance: Support for Meatmaster Association and SA Pedigree registrations.
  4. IntelliFarm™ App: 12-month free access to IntelliFarm™ Mobile App, pre-configured with all purchased animals.
  5. Educational Event: “Look and Learn” gift voucher worth R5750 provides hands-on IntelliFarm™ app demonstration and accommodation.
  6. LANDRANI®️ Partnership: Non-eligible rams and ewe lambs are purchased by LANDRANI®️ LAMB at a premium, ensuring value and profitability for all lot outcomes.

Auction Rules

  1. Registration: Mandatory for participation.
  2. Observation period: Encouraged for thorough evaluation.
  3. Bidding Process: Five day “buy it now” or offer option after sighting.
  4. Buy Now Option: Close auction for lot immediately.
  5. Offer submission: One offer per bidder within five days.
  6. Final Offer Event: For second and third highest bidders to increase offer.
  7. Highest Bidder Privilege: Chance to make higher offer if outbid.
  8. Bid increments: Minimum R500 increase.
  9. Award of Lots: To the highest bidder.
  10. Payment and Transfer: Including transport to major SA destinations, with buyer responsible for further arrangements.

We look forward to welcoming you to our first soft auction, which is planned within the next 3 months.