We are introducing a new revolutionary concept that will enable any person to start farming. Instead of marketing our Meatmaster ewes only to fellow farmers, in the near future city dwellers will also be able to buy an ewe on our LANDRANI® Meatmaster “App”. At “Checkout” the FarmShare™ option is selected where the buyer requests IntelliFarm™ to manage the ewe on his/her behalf. Only Pedigree recorded ewes will be available for the FarmShare™ option. Ewes will be covered by stud rams and followed by Dormer rams, meaning cross lambs can also be produced.

Why would anyone want to do that? I do not know! Why do you and I do this?

I think we South Africans are a unique species. Most of us have either Dutch, French or pure African blood and this makes us sailors and farmers in our hearts. I suspect that is precisely the reason why everyone desires two things:

  1. A house by the sea
  2. A piece of land on which one can roam, work and care for animals

The following will apply:

Buyer will have the following options regarding the ewe’s lamb production:

  • Ram lambs can be cut up and packed by LANDRANI® LAMB for delivery and home consumption
  • Ram lambs can be exchanged for a LANDRANI® LAMB gift voucher, which can be used for a combination of lamb cuts and/or instant meals
  • Ram lambs that show potential can join our breeding ram group in Loxton for future marketing
  • Ewe lambs can either be used like ram lambs above or offered for sale on the LANDRANI® Meatmasters “App”.

Terms and Conditions will apply

Depending on the ewe’s production phase, she will find herself in Loxton, Richmond or LANDRANI®.

Buyer downloads IntelliFarm™ “App” where the following information about his ewe is available:

  • Where she currently finds herself
  • Vaccine or dosages
  • Weight history
  • Coverages
  • Pregnancy scans
  • Expected Lamb Date
  • Supplements or Roughage (IntelliFarm™ Feed Block)
  • Studbook details
  • Offspring
  • And even more…

To make it more exciting we combine the concept with LANDRANI® FarmStay. Owners of ewes will receive a notification the moment a ewe is scanned and pregnant with the expected lambing date, as well as the availability of accommodation in that period. The virtual farmer can then take his family to LANDRANI® for a break and farm experience. They can even participate in the daily farming activities on LANDRANI®.

Of course, there are many other details that we will address such as e.g. does the the virtual farmer get all accruals, or only one lamb per year? What happens when the ewe dies or gets old? We have plans to address all these aspects so that the virtual farmer experiences only the fun part of farming.


  • Buyer must of course purchase the ewe at the listed price.
  • Buyer pays IntelliFarm™ a monthly management fee.
  • Buyer pays for grazing as well as all animal medicines, supplements, etc.
  • There will be requirements for drought assistance from the virtual farmer if needed.

These are just a few examples of how things will work. Our systems are integrated so all expenses applicable to the ewe will appear on the owner’s “wallet” account on the LANDRANI® LAMB “App”.

We are in the final stages to formalise the concept and should be introducing it to the wider public within the next 3 months.

In conclusion:

We would like the main goal of virtual farming to be an experience as well as produce quality lamb. So, we are going to limit each buyer to a maximum of only 5 ewes. The moment someone owns more ewes, he or she will lie awake with us about the droughts and the predators and then the fun is gone.

I will keep you posted as we progress.