In the dynamic world of agriculture, the fusion of tradition and technology opens up new horisons for efficiency, sustainability and quality. We at LANDRANI® are at the forefront of this exciting revolution, and currently we are experiencing our LANDRANI® LAMB product starting to gain momentum in the Southern Cape. We have literally taken our first few steps on the water, as the lamb market is an extremely competitive market. The fact that we are starting to accelerate orders is an important milestone in our journey to provide packaged Meatmaster lamb that meets the highest standards of quality and taste.

Due to LANDRANI® LAMB’s newfound success in the Southern Cape, we are ready to expand to Gauteng within the next two months.

In the same breath, we have been working very hard in the last few weeks to get our IntelliFarm™ application market ready. Today I am excited to announce that we are releasing a FREE “LITE” version. Offered at no cost to South African farmers, this management tool is designed to empower farmers with precision management capabilities, to ensure the well-being of their herds and optimise production processes.

Our vision extends beyond our current capabilities. We are concerned that the demand for LANDRANI® LAMB will exceed our own production capacity within 6-12 months of entering the Gauteng market. We therefore see an opportunity to collaborate with fellow Meatmaster farmers. This partnership aims to not only meet the growing demand for LANDRANI® LAMB, but also to enrich our farming community by offering a premium for lambs produced according to our strict protocol.

Why IntelliFarm™ LITE?

IntelliFarm™ LITE, available free of charge to the South African farmer, is more than just an application; it is a key to innovative sheep farming. By integrating this tool into your farming, you will gain insights into efficient herd management and breeding optimisation. Familiarity with IntelliFarm™ will be invaluable to those who would later be interested in joining our network of growers. This will ensure the exact adherence to our breeding protocols and maintain the exceptional quality for which LANDRANI® LAMB is already known for.

A Call to Action for Meatmaster Farmers

We invite Meatmaster farmers who share our “pursuit of zero defect” to consider this unique opportunity. By using IntelliFarm™ LITE for free and systematically positioning yourself to adapt to our production standards, you can play a decisive role in shaping the future of the Meatmaster lamb market. Your expertise and commitment, combined with our technology and market access, will create a powerful synergy that will only further raise the standard of sheep farming in South Africa.

Benefits of partnering with LANDRANI®

  • Premium prices: LANDRANI® will pay premium rates for lambs produced within our protocols, which will improve our farming partners’ bottom line.
  • Technological Edge: Get first-hand access to IntelliFarm™ LITE, which improves your farm’s operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Sustainable growth: Join us in setting a benchmark for sustainable and ethical sheep farming, contributing to happier consumers.

As we prepare for our Gauteng launch, we anticipate not only the growth of LANDRANI® LAMB, but also the evolution of a community united by a passion for quality and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned Meatmaster farmer or looking to refine your sheep management practices, your journey to “Smart Farming” starts here with the free IntelliFarm™ LITE app.

Join us

Embrace the future of sheep farming with LANDRANI® and IntelliFarm™. Together we can achieve unparalleled success and ensure that the demand for premium lamb is met with the highest standards of excellence.

We will announce more information about the production partnership later.

In the meantime, we invite you to visit our LITE website, download the IntelliFarm™ iOS or Android app and start “smart” farming.

Visit LITE website

Please check out all the video TUTORIALS I have built for you as well as the HOW TO START link.

Non-Meatmaster farmers are also welcome to download and use IntelliFarm™ LITE. We make it available to all South African sheep farmers.


Let’s change sheep farming, one Meatmaster lamb at a time.