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Reg no: 2006/025305/07
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Personal Information

  1. Individuals who wish to subscribe to the ShopStop™ Programme will be required to provide certain information about themselves to ShopStop™ and the participating Store and must ensure that such information is correct and accurate.
  2. ShopStop™ will process the Personal Information to process the application for subscription to the ShopStop™ Programme, to enable the applicant’s participation in the ShopStop™ Programme in accordance with these terms, and as may be permitted or required by applicable law.
  3. ShopStop™ will treat Personal Information as confidential and will not use same other than as described under these terms. Failure to provide the requested Personal Information to ShopStop™, or the provision of information which is incorrect, may result in the user not being able to participate in the ShopStop™ Programme.
  4. ShopStop™ may, in connection with the processing of Personal Information for the purposes stated in these terms, enable the processing of Personal Information by entities acting on its behalf in connection with the offering of the ShopStop™ Programme (such as hosting services providers), some of which may be based outside of the Republic of South Africa. ShopStop™ may also disclose Personal Information to its Partners in connection with the user participation in the ShopStop™ Programme.
  5. “Personal Information” comprises personally identifiable information relating to users which is provided by the user to ShopStop™ in connection with his/her participation in the ShopStop™ Programme, as well as personally identifiable information of the user which is collected by ShopStop™ from publicly available resources (such as credit bureaus) and third parties which are permitted to furnish such information to ShopStop™.
  6. Users must advise ShopStop™ of any change in the Personal Information furnished by him/her to ShopStop™ as soon as practicable after the change and submit such changes to ShopStop™ in writing. ShopStop™ may request confirmation of a user’s membership number and proof of identification (a copy of identity document or passport) in order to note such changes.
  8. Users may by email to ShopStop™ at request that ShopStop™:
    • confirm what Personal Information of the user is held by ShopStop™;
    • confirm which persons/entities have been furnished with Personal Information of the user; or
    • request that ShopStop™ correct, erase or cease processing Personal Information to the extent that such processing is based upon the user’s consent, or that ShopStop™ is no longer permitted to retain, or which is inaccurate, irrelevant, excessive, out of date, incomplete, misleading or has been unlawfully obtained.
  9. ShopStop™ will comply with any request made in terms as soon as possible, provided that it may refuse to comply with such request if permitted or required thereto by applicable law.
  10. ShopStop™ may hold User Personal Information for as long as the user is subscribed to the ShopStop™ Programme and will retain such information thereafter for as long as permitted under applicable law.
  11. ShopStop™ will provide the option to opt out of all marketing communication at registration and on the transmission of any electronic marketing.



The Store selected on the ShopStop App which must fulfil the order and is the location where the goods will be collected.


The individual who registers on the ShopStop App.


  1. ShopStop can be accessed by downloading the ShopStop App from the Apple App or Google Play Store.
  2. ShopStop acts as an intermediary between Stores, from which You can order products.
  3. The transaction will take place between You and the selected Store. ShopStop provides the order App and platform and will charge You a transaction fee as published at the time of the order.
  4. Currently ShopStop levies a fixed fee, inclusive of VAT, based on the value in your basket.

How it works:

  1. Download the ShopStop App from the Apple App or Google Play Store.
  2. Register as a User on the App.
  3. Select the option if You want the Store to use its discretion to replace a product ordered with an alternative if the ordered product is out of stock.
  4. Deposit funds to Your ShopStop Wallet by either EFT or Credit Card via the in-App secure online payment gateway.
  5. Start shopping by searching for, selecting items and quantities and adding them to Your basket.
  6. Go to Checkout.
  7. Confirm the order.
  8. The order value plus the ShopStop fee will immediately be deducted from Your ShopStop Wallet balance.
  9. You will receive a 4-digit Order Code in-App and via SMS confirming Your order. This 4-digit PIN must be provided to the Store on collection of Your goods as a security measure.
  10. The Store will pick the order. The value of any items which may be out of stock (with no alternatives available) will be credited to Your ShopStop Wallet.
  11. Should there be price changes because of the selection of alternative products, the new values will reflect on Your ShopStop Wallet.
  12. You will be notified in-App and via SMS once Your order is ready for collection.
  13. The goods need to be collected by You at the Store before the close of business that day.
  14. Collect the goods at the Store, provide the Order Code and sign the collection slip as proof of collection. It is Your responsibility to familiarise Yourself with the Store’s trading hours.
  15. The ShopStop price will be the normal selling price of products and remain valid as presented at the time of ordering. The Total Price will include all taxes and levies and will be the final price payable.
  16. No promotional products will be available on the ShopStop application.

ShopStop Wallet

  1. The deposit of funds in the ShopStop Wallet is a pre-payment for goods to be ordered akin to a Gift Voucher.
  2. No goods will be picked by the store unless payment is received in advance.
  3. ShopStop is not a savings or investment product and no interest is paid or will be payable on monies deposited.
  4. No withdrawal or repayment can take place for any credit balance. You will be able to purchase products for the full balance available.

Terms and Conditions

Ts & Cs during the COVID-19 period which will be in place until further notice:

  1. Description of products sold:
    All products normally available in a Supermarket will be available on the ShopStop application. Only Essential Goods as defined in the DISASTER MANAGEMENT ACT, 2002 (ACT NO. 57 OF 2002) will be for sale.
  2. To protect You and other consumers due to COVID-19, no returns will be accepted unless in terms of the Consumer Protection Act. 68 of 2008 (CPA).
  3. Some of the items displayed on the ShopStop App may be out of stock and will either be replaced by an alternative product at the discretion of the Store or be credited to Your ShopStop Wallet.
  4. Should the order volumes exceed the ability of the Store to fulfil the order, the Store reserves the right to temporarily suspend orders on the ShopStop App until such time that they are able to fulfil the order.
  5. You agree that should Your username and password be used to order goods, that the deduction of the order value against Your ShopStop Wallet will be irreversible.
  6. Only natural persons over the age of 18 (eighteen) years of age are allowed to register on the ShopStop App.
  7. Due to the fact that a lot of the products sold are perishable goods and will be picked once ordered, You cannot cancel an order once placed, unless allowed in terms of the CPA.
  8. No products will be exported and will only be available from the selected store.
  9. No alcohol will be sold to persons under 18 years.
  10. Although ShopStop will take all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information with regards to the pricing and description of products are accurate, should there be errors neither ShopStop nor the Store shall be liable for any loss, claim or expense pertaining to the product
  11. Should there be an error in relation to the price of products displayed on the website or related Apps, the Store reserves the right to not supply the product and to credit Your ShopStop Wallet with the price deducted.
  12. ShopStop respects Your privacy and will treat Your personal information in compliance with the POPI Act 2013.
  13. ShopStop may in its sole discretion change these terms and conditions. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of placing an order. Should You continue to place an order it will be deemed that You accept the terms and conditions in force at such time.

Return & Cancellation Policy

If goods are not collected by the close of business on collection day, your order will be cancelled and a credit will be passed. If you have selected the collection option it is your responsibility to collect ordered goods from the store before close of business on the specified collection day. Due to the fact that a lot of products are perishable products it will have to be either discarded by the store or re-merchandised, hence a non-collection fee of R 115.00 Incl VAT will be levied by the store.

The store will refund, in full, all products that are defective or incorrectly supplied and the provisions of the CPA will always be applicable.

Delivery Policy

Should the delivery option be selected and the store did not deliver the goods before 18:00 on the specified delivery date, unless otherwise agreed by you, the ordered will cancelled and your wallet will be refunded in full.